Sweet Home Alabama

Wedding party at beachTwo month agos, I lost my job of over 20 years. At first there was the initial shock and the fact that I had to tell family and friends. Next I embarked on a four-night cruise to witness the wedding of cousin Sergio. It was wonderful, and being surrounded by loved ones was much needed and welcomed.

Back in New York, however, my type A personality (and what I call my single mother syndrome) kicked in, and all I could think about was finding a new job and securing my future. My son is grown and supports himself, but would I have enough resources to retire in 10 years from now? Would anybody want to hire me at age 56? So what came next felt like being on a roller coaster, except that it wouldn’t end after 60 seconds of thrills and anxiety but would keep running on a loop.Moving

Tempus Fugit and two months later, I can report that I found a new job, packed up my home, and moved to Birmingham, Alabama. I am waiting for the closing date for the sale of my home in New York, and I’ve rented an apartment that I hope to move into soon. I am living with friends and hoping my furniture makes it Down South soon. There is only so much I can control, after all.

I managed to produce five articles whenever my back needed a rest from packing boxes and, yes, I turned in–on time– the 2015 revisions for the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World with Kids. I recommended Summer Fun at Walt Disney World and gave tips for visiting Disney Hollywood Studios during Star Wars Weekends. For those who have a green thumb, I suggested the Behind the Seeds Tour at Epcot and I kept my book’s Facebook page up and running with daily tips.

NatureAt times I wonder if I could have done anything differently or simply if I did the right thing. I guess only time will tell. What I do know is that I am grateful to have found a new job, grateful for family and friends, and grateful for the kindness of the people Down South.

While I have not explored much of my new hometown, my friends took me on several beautiful outings. Hikes in Red Mountain Park and Oak Mountain State Park provided much-needed relief from anxiety and stress. There is nothing more restoring than the healing powers of Mother Nature. Onward, Sweet Home Alabama!