ScareFest–Horror and Paranormal Convention

ScareFest, the annual Horror and Paranormal Convention, is my first business trip. Armed with our books and costumes, my colleague Tanya and I set out for Lexington, Kentucky.  We were to bring attention to one of our imprints–Clerisy Press– and America’s Haunted Road Tripa one-of-a-kind series of haunted travel guides.

Each book profiles 30-100 haunted places open to the public. From inns and museums to cemeteries and theaters, our authors visit each place, interviewing people who live and work there. Books also include travel instructions, maps, and an appendix of 50 more places the reader can visit.

ScareFest - Horror and Paranormal Convention

Over 200 vendors converged at ScareFest7. Film screenings, a gaming con, anime screenings, guest panels, and parties were part of what was served to ghoulish fans at ScareFest7.

I am no fan of scary stuff, but I am fascinated by the paranormal at the same time. I love Halloween and wouldn’t miss any occasion for dressing up in a costume, but I am easily scared and in general prefer not to meddle in all things paranormal.

I always wonder why so many people believe in parapsychological claims.

Spiritual or supernatural forces beyond our understanding seem to be the topic of about three in four Americans, according to a recent Gallup survey. So without further adieu, I admit there was some fascinating weird stuff out there and there was, as expected, some commercialized fun.