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The 3 M's - Mickey, Minnie and Me

The 3 Ms – Mickey, Minnie, and Me

When I was 9 years old, my journalist grandmother asked me where I wanted to go when I was all grown up, and I answered without hesitation: I want to see Jerusalem, the pyramid of Giza, and the Brooklyn Bridge.

When she asked how I could possibly achieve these goals, I said, “Oma, like you do, as a writer.” My parents, however, had more traditional plans for their daughter; being an obedient (albeit difficult) child, I eventually did what most of us do: I tried to please, and the writing had to wait.

Twenty-eight years ago, I came to the Big Apple. For more than 23 years, I worked as a press officer, first for the Belgian Tourist Office and later for VisitFlanders.

In 1999, clad in a copy of Mary of Hungary’s 16th-century silk brocade dress, I made it into The New York Times. The story was a big PR success for me, but it was also the beginning of something much more important—a friendship with the author of the article, Mr. Glenn Collins, and the founders of the Ommegang Brewery, Don and Wendy Feinberg-Littlefield.

Walt Disney World with Kids 2017In 2006, Bob Sehlinger, the founder of the Unofficial Guide series, asked me to become the co-author of the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World with Kids, and I have worked on the book ever since. Today the book is available in print and as an ebook, and it has a Facebook page with more than 7000 fans.

In June 2014, I moved to Birmingham, Alabama, where I work as a marketing and public relations director for AdventureKEEN.

I am passionate about travel, fairies, Hobbits, and all things magical. Some of my favorite destinations are Middle Earth, Belgium, Sydney, Dresden, Patagonia, Hawaii, and of course Orlando.

I contribute to TheMouseForLessJohnnyJet.com, Everett Potter’s Travel Report, and The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. I am also a photographer for The Unofficial Guide: The Color Companion to Walt Disney World.

With my son, Idan

I have visited over 40 countries so far, including Israel and Egypt. I have seen Jerusalem, the pyramid of Giza, and I have not only seen but walked the Brooklyn Bridge.

Wait—there is one more thing: I am a proud mom. My son, Idan Menin, a cinematographer, and his wife, Laura Cristina Ortiz, a talented costume designer, are living their dream in Los Angeles.

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