The 2018 edition of The Unofficial Guides to Walt Disney World with Kids is the 10th edition coauthored by Liliane Opsomer.

About The Unofficial Guides Series

From the concept up, The Unofficial Guides are different from other guidebooks. Other guides are researched and developed by an individual author or coauthors, usually travel writers. With such guides, one size fits all, and the needs of a specific target market are never truly taken into account. The Unofficial Guides, by way of contrast, cater to a specific psychographic market: those individuals with a “Type A” personality. It is the tastes, preferences, and opinions of our carefully defined target market that dictate the content of the guides. In other words, we start with the needs of our reader, identified through exhaustive research, and build a book that specifically meets those needs.

No other guides do this, nor can they really, because the scope of the research and processing of data require time, experience, and resources that are beyond the capabilities of a single author or even several coauthors. An entire organization collects and compiles data for The Unofficial Guides, an organization guided by individuals with extensive training and experience in research design as well as primary data collection and analysis. Unofficial Guide research is known and respected in both the travel industry and academe, having been cited by such diverse media as USA Today, The Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Dallas Morning News, Travel Weekly, London Observer, Financial Times, Bottom Line, Money, the BBC, the Travel Channel, CNN, Fox News, Operations Research Forum, and statistics text books published by Addison Wesley.

The editor of the IEEE Journal of Transactions on Evolutionary Computation wrote: “The Unofficial Guides research team is a multidisciplinary group consisting, among others, of data collectors, computer scientists, statisticians, and child psychologists. One would expect to find this type of research at universities, government agencies, or large corporations. To see it in a travel series is amazing!”

Finally, the historical success of The Unofficial Guides confirms that, from a sales perspective, targeting Type As is ideal. First, no other guides target them or understand their singular needs. Second, there is at least one Type A adult in every family or group planning to travel. Because Type As are extremely assertive, take-charge kinds of people, they will usually assume responsibility for almost all of their family’s travel planning and research, including decisions concerning the purchase of guidebooks. In short, The Unofficial Guides target the individual who will most likely plan and lead the family vacation.