Los Angeles: From Shakespeare to Burlesque

Every year I go west to visit my son and daughter-in-law in Los Angeles. The trip always includes a lot of fun and great entertainment. This year’s visit was no different.

I started my visit with Shakespeare in the Park and enjoyed a fabulous performance of Macbeth, King of Scottland. It never ceases to mesmerize, especially the powerful line of the witches: “Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air.” The play certainly is an ageless reminder of what political ambition does to those who seek power for its own sake.

Next, I saw Dunkirk, written and directed by Christopher Nolan of Interstellar, two Dark Night flicks, and Inception fame. For me, this was the best movie I have ever seen on this subject. The film is intense and stays clear of traditional storytelling, but that is exactly what I liked about the movie. Dunkirk, or any other movie depicting a conflict for that matter, doesn’t need a story, or God forbid a love story, as long as the visuals focus on conveying the horror that is war. The cinematography combined with great acting conveyed from the beginning that behind every soldier there IS a story—there is a mom, dad, wife, or sibling devastated by the loss of a loved one.

The musical score, written by Hans Zimmer, underscores the powerful message of this film. I admit that Zimmer’s music can, at times, overpower the action, but I thought it was the perfect choice for this film. Zimmer, best known for such movies as The Lion King, Prince of Egypt, Gladiator, Rain Man, and The Preacher’s Wife, is a musical genius.

Next on the program was a Burlesque show, which provided some much-needed comic relief. I loved the fact that one could interact with the cast once the show was over. And yes, we also went to see Girls Trip. One cannot describe it, so just go see it!

I loved shopping for the wardrobe of a movie that my daughter-in-law is working on. It always amazes me to see how much goes into this. Shop till you drop to find perfect 1930s outfits; next, bring them to a shop that earns money fraying these beautiful vintage pieces. Yikes!

At the end of the week, we all had a wonderful time at Universal Studios Hollywood watching the nighttime show over Hogwarts Castle.

Before leaving, I was in for a real treat visiting (and having lunch on the premises) the campus of DreamWorks. What a fabulous place to work. I’m so grateful to talented script writer Zachary Johnson for having us.

As always, time flew, and it was hard to say goodbye. I cherish the precious time with my son and his wife, and I enjoyed spending time with friends I do not get to see often.  And yes, I had the time of my life with my grand dog, who forgets his mom and dad the moment I arrive.

Gambit, your loyalty to Laura and Idan is questionable, but Lord knows I love you, and I miss snuggling up with you at night.

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