Snow Days

Snow Days or what you need to know about Birmingham and Snow

Snow DaysMost schools and many businesses in the Birmingham area close as soon as the weather forecast predicts snow. Courthouses, libraries and many shops are closed and buses won’t run either. Since snow or freezing rain is rare all roads are instantly considered dangerous due to the weather and the citizen of Birmingham and the surrounding counties are asked to stay off the roads.

We really do not have snowplows but the garbage collecting trucks are fitted with a plow that helps clearing our streets and highways. Alabama Power is working 24/7 to restore power to homes that go without electricity quite often as soon as a winter storm hits the area.

After living through 25 years of New York City winters it was quite amusing to see the effect so little snow can have on the entire State.  However, the amusement stopped when I suddenly found myself in the dark due to freezing rain on power lines and realizing that if I wished to go to work I would have to walk.  All considered it was only a minor inconvenience that latest two days. It left me wondering what would happen if we really would get a considerable amount of snow. The answer is simple: we all would stay at home and wait till it is over.

“Do you want to build a snowman?”