Boo to You: Halloween Down South

IMG_3337Autumn comes late to Alabama and I truly enjoyed being able to be outdoors for most of October and November, hiking in 70F temperatures. I also enjoyed the change of seasons in what seemed like a slow motion picture. Halloween and even Thanksgiving were festivities that seemed in no way connected to temperatures or seasons anymore.

Talking about Halloween and Thanksgiving… Like every year, I had to have a pumpkin. On a sunny autumn day I went with friends to a pumpkin field about an hour north of Birmingham. Little did I know what it entailed. Upon arrival at the farm one had to go on a ride for another 20 minutes, and suddenly I found myself in a “real” pumpkin field. Pumpkins were everywhere, plus there was a cotton field and a beautiful sunflower field. At first the photographer inside of me went ballistic and I was content shooting pictures of flowers, cotton, and pumpkins. At some point, however, I realized that I was not alone out there and every step I took became a prayer: “Please don’t let me come anywhere near a snake.” It was a futile exercise. While I did find my perfect pumpkin, I also encountered my first snake in Alabama.  I did not scream; as a matter of fact, I was speechless, frozen in fear, and I vowed never to insist on pumpkin picking again.

Halloween Down South

HalloweenBack home I started preparing for my first Halloween Down South. I missed my New York Witch Hazel and the amazing over-the-top Halloween party at Sandra’s house, but I did my best to bring the spirit of the holiday to my new home. I cooked up a storm and decorated to the max.

And, yes, there was an after-party at “Das Haus,” and all I can say is that I went for it, costume and all. I love Halloween and welcome any occasion to dress up. A return to the pumpkin field for the 2015 edition, however, is questionable.